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hope_transparent-242x300Little Gifts of Hope was birthed out of the desire that Hope’s parents have to meet the greatest needs of families with sick children. They know firsthand the loneliness that parents experience when their children are in the hospital, and their deep need to connect with other families in the same situation. They also know how difficult it can be to access good food while admitted, especially when finances are limited.

Children’s Medical Center in Dallas has been Hope’s second home since birth. She has been incredibly blessed by the staff and volunteers who make every effort to not only restore her health, but also to care for her little heart during illness and treatment. Hope’s parents want to see families cared for in the same way that their children and siblings are, and they can’t think of a better way to do so than by this project.

Little Gifts of Hope is a unique program, designed specifically to meet the needs of parents who have sick children being treated at children’s hospitals around the nation. Throughout the year, we provide meals for families in need when their children are admitted at the hospital. During the holidays, we partner with la Madeleine and other local Dallas businesses to host a holiday luncheon for the families at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. Approximately 70% of children at the hospital come from low-income homes, and while admitted, their parents often cannot afford to maintain a consistent diet. We believe that one of the best ways to support these families is through creating a space in which they are able to access a healthy meal and connect with other families who are facing similar trials with their sick children.

YOU can be part of bringing hope to these families throughout the year and during the holidays when you make a tax-deductible donation. Click here to donate now!

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